June 19, 2011

Class reunion after 46 years

I attended a class reunion of my junior high school today. According to the brochure distributed at the event, it's been 46 years since we graduated from junior high school. Long time has passed. The substantial part of our life time has passed.

The photo here shows what we all looked like when we posed in front of the Emperor's Palace in Tokyo. We were there during our final school excursion. As you can see, there are more boys than girls, hence rather severe competition were there among us boys, and excursion was a good oppotunity to make some impression on girls.

Almost within a year after, I left for Hawaii. There in this photo a girl I had a crush on. After I left for Hawaii, we exchanged letters for a while. At this reunion, she did not show up, nor did I hear about her. Hope she is doing OK.

June drizzle,
scent of young leaves
lingers in the air


Alan Summers said...

Lovely photo.

All the girls are very pretty, was it the girl with her head tilted to the right? ;-)



I didn't meet my wife at school, but at a writing group. ;-)

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Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Very nice haibun, fine, fine haiku.


Melissa Allen said...

Yes, this haiku is lovely. So many senses captured here...

Reunions are strange things...a little like time travel.