June 13, 2011

Haiga 597 Bruce Ross haiku -shoes

Haiku by Bruce Ross. Artwork by myself.

This drawing is my shoes. They worn out long time ago and not my possession any more. But I remember I loved them, so fitting, comfortable, and light.

There's an expression "be in someone's shoes". Just as our faces differ, our feet also differ. Someone's shoes are never as comfortable as, say, my old shoes. Putting yourself in someone's position helps better human relationship.

The process of haiga making somewhat resembles this expression, at least it is so in my case. When I make haiga for someone's haiku, I try to be in that someone's shoes or the haiku. The more you explore someone's haiku, the deeper you will be able to appreciate it. Once you get appreciation, then you digest it so proper visual elements begin to assemble in your mind.


Gwilym Williams said...


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You can see why on the latest Arnie Gundersen video via a link at my blog.

Good luck to you all.

Gwilym Williams said...

To calrify!!!

Do not mess with or breath in the air from used car filters!!!

These are likely to contain "hot particles" of strontium, plutonium etc., which are undetectable with a geiger counter. If these get into your bones or lungs you will have very serious problems.