June 16, 2011

Haiga 599 Andres Duhaim haiku - Birthday

Haiku by Andres Duhaim. Artwork by myself.

Yesterday was my grandson's 6th birthday. He had the cake like this, but for the dinner, we all had "roll-it-youself" type sushi, in which you take a piece of thin black seaweed, lay some sushi rice on it; add your choice of ingredients like fishes, vegetables, egg, avocado slices; and finally you roll the whole thing into a roll. Kids love this procesure, ended up eating more than usual, and in my grandson's case, he could not finish his share of the birthday cake.

In any case, we all have a ball.


Alexis Rotella said...

I like the cake haiga a lot.

roamsk said...

Do they have in Japan the same tradition we have in Romania that is: when one is 10 years old for example, we put 11 candles on the cake to show that he or she will continue to grow into the NEXT year ? It would be so COOL if these 2 completely different cultures could have met this way in this tradition, don't you all think so ?