June 6, 2011

Haiga Exhibition

Yesterday, I visited a museum in Osaka, an archaeology institution located at an old area of Osaka where a lot of tombs and remains exist. The modern museum designed by Tadao Ando mingles well with the sounding trees and mountain. Huge campus of Osaka University of Art is on top the hill nearby.

There is a space open for art exhibition in the museum (see the photo above). Painting exhibition by a professor at Osaka Univ. of Art is going on now. I received an offer to exhibit my haiga on Basho's "Narrow Road to the Deep North" there next month. Also to be included is a 15m long scroll ( someone did calligraphy of Basoh's haiku and I added watercolor images on it). My friend made a sound and voice recording of "Narrow Road" and that will be used as background music all through the exhibition.

The exhibition will last to the beginning of September.

After we discussed about the exhibition at a cafe in the museum, we visited a temple nearby, where Saigyo's study hut and his grave situates.


Alexis Rotella said...

congratulations to have your work exhibited in such a lovely environment; well deserved

Gillena Cox said...

congrats Kuni san; much love...

Alan Summers said...

I will look forward to more photogrsphs!

all my best,


Here's an exhibition I was involved with, where two of my haiku were made into posters, and over £500 was raised just on sales at the auction, and off the website.

The Japanese translations were made by Hidenori Hiruta from Akita, Japan.

Weblink showing both poster haiku, and how the event went: Japan Art Auction


Bette Norcross Wappner -- said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful!

Kirsten Cliff said...

Sounds like a wonderful place :)
Congratulations on being asked to exhibit there!

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for such encouraging messages. I always wanted to do something like this for the Basho haiga.
And it is nice to have understanding people around to make it happen.

kuni_san said...

Alan san: Sara's mandaras are awesome.