July 13, 2011

Haiga 610 Edin Saracevic haiku - seagull

Haiku by Edin Saracevic (Slovenia). Artwork by myself.
Such a beautiful summer day today. I woke up early, the sun's already up, bright and shine. Washed my car, went to a barber shop, getting ready for the opening of my haiga exhibition (starts on July 15).

Edin is one of the active haijins in Slovenia. I think I learned of his haiku from another active haijin of Slovenia, Alenka Zorman. So, between me and the sky, there are not the seagulls but two Slovenian haijins.

I have never been to Slovenia. What I know about the country is all from photographic books Alenka san had sent to me. In making this haiga, I thought about the sea and sky of Hawaii, which I am so well acquainted. I thought about the day like today, me laid back on the beach, admiring the pristine sky.

Beach wind
occasionally visible
in her long hair

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