July 20, 2011

Typhoon clouds

The photo is taken at 9:00a.m. from my office window, toward the southern sky.

This morning, wind is quite and no rainfall, but typhoon itself is still near by, slowly passing by our area. It is not hitting my town directly, though. The nearest it comes will be around noon time so we are till in alert.

This typhoon brings a lot of rainfall, in some area as much as 1000mm, that's 1 meter, amazing. Hard to imagine that much water is above us, within the clouds. As I write this blog, the rain starts again.

Water islands -
stretch of watered rice patch
reflecting stretch of rain cloud



Devika Jyothi said...

that looks ominous, Kuni-san...hope it passes off with little threat to life/ or has passed off by now -

1000mm rainfall is quite menacing in itself,


kuni_san said...

Thanks for your concern, Devika san.
As of 1:00p.m. here, the center of the typhoon passed and moving away to north east. Tokyo area will have some effect from now.

Devika Jyothi said...

okay, Kuni-san...let's pray that it passes with little damage,


Kathleen said...

My daughter is a student in Osaka and lives with a family in Itami. I think this is not too far from you. Thank you for this photo. It brings me comfort to see her sky.

kuni_san said...

Kathleen san, Osaka is a bit far from here, about 50 miles, and need to cross a mountain. But I guess the same cloudy sky was shared by all the areas around, including Osaka. Itami is a nice old place, famous for fine sake. I've been there a couple of times.

roamsk said...

The more I read on this blog, the more I wish to visit Japan one day...but it is so FAR, (not to mention it costs a lot of money to be a tourist over there !)...but I think it is worth it.

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I am not an expert, it is just an opinion I have formulated in time, alongside the opinion that, in general, Japanese authors seem to have been capable of writing insightfully and quite realistically about social & family relationships much earlier than the Europeans were.