August 13, 2011

Across the Takenouchi Kaido (path)

I went to my haiga exhibition site yesterday to switch the haiga. I am showing now the another half of Basho haiga.
On the way to the site, I drove on Takenouchi Kaido (The photo shows a place where the new and the old meet: right side is the old path, and the left side is the present road, Route 166).

Takenouchi Kaido dates back to 600AD, was the first state governed path, connecting Osaka and Nara. In 1680's, Basho stayed for a while at a village along the path, and haiku he wrote then was included in his "Nozarashi Kiko" a travel haiku journal.

Now, Osaka and Nara are connected with two highways. Faster on them, but Takenouchi Kaido is a pleasant drive so I stay on it.

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