August 7, 2011

Haiga 625 Kaneko Tohta haiku - minnow

Haiku by Kaneko, Tohta (Japan). Artwork by myself.

My town is surrounded by expanse of rich patches, which at this time of the year are covered with new green leaves of rice plants. The patches are always filled with water, and there are many small acuatic lives, including minnows. No matter how old you gets, these small lives always attract your eyes. Kaneko san is no exception. I assume he stayed by a stream and watched the minnows for some time, a story sprang in his mind, and then wrote this haiku.
I am off to Tokyo for several days. I will be one of many many minnows in a big pond.

Flood subsides...
a strayed minnow
in a water puddle


onecloud said...

don't get left behind from the flood of people in tokyo

Devika Jyothi said...

there's sometimes joy in being a part of the crowd...Have a good break, Kuni-san; look forward to your coming back :)


Devika Jyothi said...

"there's sometimes joy in being a part of the crowd...that was about the haiga, Kuni-san"...very nice :)


Rudolph Aspirant said...

A little off topic...I read your "Worldman" story. You are a talented story teller. The story was a bit long, but I am sure that you wanted to put in all your feelings you personally had for that person, and also about other stuff too, like your own adaptation to the United States, your maturization, etc. The listed years 1968 and 1978 made me look them up on wikipedia, just to see what was going on in the world out there, outside the beautiful and always fundamentally NON-insular thus friendly (discounting some unavoidable human level "resentments" felt by various islanders of different cultures cooped up together in the same "boat" !) islands of Hawaii !

And...since I like looking up what song won the Eurovision contest in that particular year, here it is:

The Eurovision song for 1978:

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great comparision!


kuni_san said...

Rudolph san:Thanks for sharing nice song. I heard it for the first time.