August 26, 2011

Haiga 639 Kuniharu Shimizu haiku - punched card

Haiku by myself. I found this photo on the web somewhere.
I heard the news that Steve Jobs of Apple stepped down from CEO and leaving. I have been an enthusiast of Mac computer since its early versions, and have been watching what Jobs was up to all these years. So, this news kind of touched me.

Digital is basically "on and off". It is very clear cut, no grey zone. This photo of the punched card illustrates it well. The combination of "on and off" store los of things: information, artwork, audio, movie. So many things can be digitized now and storage capacity has grown enormously. There are, however, in this world that cannot be digitized, namely the life.

Life is full of grey zone, and that is what makes it interesting, making it a great source of art, literature, poem, and such.

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