September 12, 2011

Haiga 650 Janice Bostok haiku1

Haiku by Janice Bostok (Australia). Artwork by myself.
Just today, I learned the passing of Janice san. More than 10 years ago, Jim Kacian came to visit me in my town. He was in the middle of world haiku tour, and through him, I learned about haiku scene in Australia and New Zealand. Janice's name was mentioned in our conversation. I soon contacted her and started haiga collaboration, of which this haiga is one of them.

I had chances to visit Australia and New Zealand, but these were before I got to know her. As I look at this haiga, the cat somehow resembles Janice ( I only know her by photographs, though). Hope she is resting peacefully like this cat. I will be posting two more haiga.

1 comment:

Alan Summers said...

I'd like to think that the cat is Janice now, forever basking in a shaft of light.

Greatly missed.