September 14, 2011

Haiga 652 Janice Bostok haiku 3

Haiku by Janice Bostok (Australia). Artwork by myself.
In New Zealand, there is something called Haiku Pathway. It is a park with a pathway along which haiku-carved stones are placed. Japan is full of such stones, not only the ones with haiku but also with tanka. Idea of the pathway seemed to have come from that. Janice had something to do with this project, and had her haiku carved in one of the stones.


Kirsten Cliff said...

I've enjoyed your tribute to Janice, Kuni-san. Beautiful collaborations. Thank you!

Alexis Rotella said...

Reminds me of the dream time. I just woke up and recorded about 20 dreams that came bam bam bam. It's nice of you to remember Janice Bostok -- she was with us a long time.

Stella Pierides said...

This is beautiful! Thank you!

kuni_san said...

Thans for the comments. Australia and New Zealand have some interesting native art traditions. The design here is not such art, but I tried to make the haiga look like some old native art.

Alan Summers said...

Janice was instrumental in making Cath Mair's dream of a haiku park a reality.

Janice was often instrumental in making dreams come true, for instance the Australian Haiku Society, which came about through Janice working alongside John Bird.

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all my very best,

Alan, With Words