September 21, 2011

Haiga 659 Dakotsu Iida haiku

Haiku by Dakotsu Iida (Japan, 1885~1962). Artwork by myself.
September is the month to appreciate the moon in Japan. September moon is called Harvest moon in the west. I do not know if they hold special event for it. Here in Japan, the tradition is that we offer a dish of dumplings (round and white like a full moon), and add some silver grass for decoration.

This year, however, typhoons keep on bringing heavy cloud and a lot of rain. Even so, we were lucky to admire full moon in a few nights. Another typhoon is here again, pouring rain all over the place. It's nice to be blessed with water, but this year, since March 11, it has been too much and heavy for us to bear.

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