September 25, 2011

Haiga 661 Romano Zeraschi haiku

Haiku by Romano Zeraschi (Italy). Artwork by myself.

I have been out of touch with computer for a few days so I could not update this blog.

Romano san live in Italy. I have made several haiga from his haiku. This time he sent me some haiku on homeless. I picked this one and turned into a haiga. The hairlines depict the couses of life this homeless man had taken in his life. The rectangular shape ends sharply, meaning his life is ending there soon. Though he is a homeless, I tried to represent him with some integrity.

Romano san has a small cabin that kind of clings to a cliff along the rocky coast of Tyrrhenian Sea. Island of Corsica or Sardinia maybe in view from there. If I have a chance to visit him, he is happy to share the cabin with me.

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