October 22, 2011


Romano san from Italy sent me these photos. Such refleshing images.They show his cabin and the magnificent view around it. The cabin seems small but I think it is just perfect for writing haiku or engaging in other creative activities. This is the kind of place where you need to stay at least a week or so to really appreciate the environment, and come up with creative things.

I dream: I open any doors in my house and come out to find the other side of the door is the blue one like in the photo. The sea, light, wind, all mine to enjoy.
I was in Osaka yesterday with my friends. We talked about the exhibition done in the summer, and about the coming exhibition to be held in January. This time, we will hold exhibition in the heart of Osaka city. Since Osaka is where Basho passed away, we will treat the fact as the main theme of the exhibition.

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