October 5, 2011

Haiga 666 Kuniharu Shimizu haiku

Haiku and artwork by myself.
I had a dream last night. I was with someone and the world around us slowly turned around. I was alone now, walking on an unkown trail. I do not remember if I was passing through a valley, but it was dark and I had feeling I was been closed in. I saw birds flying away, and silence settled in.

My legs were getting tired, sweat seeping through my cloth, and suddenly I became aware that I was extremely thirsty. There was a trace of river by the trail. Just narrow ditch with sand. No water. Then I saw a boulder shinning in the sun and also spotted a glimpse of vegetation. A promising sign of water. I walked faster, but as I neared the boulder, the farther it receded and finally disappeared. Such a disappointment. I looked up to the sky as if to search another hope, but there was just empty blue sky.

The world turned around again, and that is when I awoke.

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