October 10, 2011

Haiga 671 Tomas Tranströmer haiku 2

Haiku by Tomas Tranströmer (Sweden). Artwork by myself.
Another haiku by the Nobel Prize winner. I used the bird again as a symbol of something that "get in". The verse says "I" can get in. But I do not think it is the author himself, it is something abstract that nestles in his mind.

I used a toothbrush to draw the sough of rain. The bird was of course drawn with a regular sumi brush.


Maya said...

i like it very much!

Jo Ngô said...

It attracts me amazingly at first sight. I've been reading a Vietnamese news of Art and really impressive, indeed, of your charming Haiga work. It really makes sense to me, the sweet combination between Poem of Tomas Transtromer and your work art. Nice! Therefore, I search for your work immediately. Well, you have no idea how it done to me. I'm really interested in Fine Art, not in traditional way, and a little bit of Multimedia and keep practising myself. Your Haigas are truly what I need, thank you so much. One thing more, haha using toothbrush, brilliant!

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for nice comments.
Nice to hear from someone from VietNam. I did not know my haiga had been shown in your country. That is very nice.