October 15, 2011

Haiga 674 Matsuo Allard haiku

Haiku by Matsuo Allard (USA). Artwork by myself.
This haiga is one of my experimental one with typography. I treated it in such a way that the words themselves convey what they meant to convey.

Some people might feel that Japanese calligraphy is necessary in haiga. I do not think so. In olden days in Japan, sumi brush was the only writing tool so that is what hajin then used to write haiku and draw haiga. The types of font you can create with sumi brush are limited, many of them may not be suitable for contemporary haiku.

In Japan now, there are a lot of fonts to choose from. And plus that, in the world where alphabets are used, there are rich stock of fonts, and these are available to us Japanese too now. Why not used them for haiku, and play with them.
Make use of the treasure and treat them in the way that convey the content of haiku is what I am trying here.

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