October 28, 2011

Haiga 680 Nagata, Koi haiku

Haiku by Nagata,Koi (Japan). Artwork by myself.
Not many haijin write haiku like this. Nagata is an unique haijin. He was an engineer all his life. Has left quite influences on the younger generation of Japanese haijin. He happened to be living near a place I go almost every month, Suma district of Kobe city. I could have visited him if I had known, but I came to know his haiku much later after his death. He is also a good haiga painter. Once I went all the way to Himiji city, to a literary museum to see his haiga collections.
Beautiful autumn days here now. I had a full day service at the church, and just came back home this morning. Going to Kyoto later today.

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