October 30, 2011

Haiga 682 Elezabeth S. Lamb haiku

Haiku by Elezabeth S. Lamb (USA). Artwork by myself.
Morning glories are summer flower here in Japan, but it seems that the flower blooms in autumn in some other parts of the world. The latter may be a different type than Japan one, and maybe the color and shape differ, too. This is one difficulty of sharing the same Kigo list internationally.

In a short form like haiku, effective use of Kigo becomes indeed effective. But we cannot always depend on Kigo if we are writing to the international readers. Some people propose "key words". Sounds like a good idea but it will be long before being accepted world wide.


Gwil W said...

it's true what you say - even in one country harvest times can vary a great deal for apples just for example
- I think the Kigo list may even be regional -

on my side of the mountain
it is raining
on the other side it is snowing

Diane Mayr said...

The image and the haiku are perfectly balanced. Regarding kigo, in this climate-challenged world, some kigo may also be challenged. Last night we had snow and it's only a month into autumn!

kuni_san said...

Thanks for your comments. I got other responses on twitter concerning Kigo. People seem to feel the limitation of the Japanese kigo in a global age like now.