November 27, 2011

Haiga 701 Lars Vargo haiku

Haiku by Lars Vargo (Sweden). Artwork by myself.
Vargo san is the ambassador of Sweden to Japan since this year. The other night, Ban'ya and he did lectures on haiku at the embassy in Tokyo. Vargo san is a poet and a haijin as well. He has published books of haiku. Kamakura san, Ban'ya's wife, sent me a number of haiku by Vargo san, so I made this haiga.

Vargo san also edits haiku website.


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful work. Thank you.

Gwil W said...

Kuni-San, Your Japanese readers might like to read my post today: 'I come from a lost village'.

J. S. H. Bjerg said...

Yes, very beautiful indeed. Impressed by your creativity and your ability to create in diffrent styles according to the haiku. Thanks for sharing.