December 13, 2011

Haiga 710 Vincent Tripi haiku 2

Haiku by Vincent Tripi (USA). Artwork by myself.
When I started living in Honolulu, I lost my Seiko watch. I had to get another one but I did not have money. Then I found a Timex at a drug store and the price was affordable. The Timex did not look as good as my lost Seiko, but I was happy to have time on my wrist again.

In college days, I drifted into a stage where I no longer care about keeping time. I was an art student and time was simply irrelevant. And besides, I was living in a paradise island of Hawaii.

At about the time I got married more than 35 years ago, I became in need of a watch to be on time for dates with my fiance. I bought a Seiko watch, which according to the store owner, had been sitting around more than 5 years in the showcase. I got discount on it. I still use the watch time to time, and it ticks fine. Good watch really lasts.


Anonymous said...

vincent tripi's haiku is so original. Only a person at home with the hereafter could write something so whimsical and other worldly at the same time. Thank you.

snowbird said...

Hi, Kuni, What a delightful surprise to find vincent here with you. Delightful. Merrill

Anonymous said...

Kuni san,

So glad to see another of vince's haiku --owe a lot to him & his wise and wonderful voice. Thanks to both of you.


kuni_san said...

Thank you all for nice comments. I did not know Vincent san had so many fans.

snowbird said...

Hi, Kuni, When you've been involved with haikai as long as vincent has he and his words become part of the fabric of the art and the lives of those who come after.
Thanks for this haiga, Merrill