December 16, 2011

Haiga 713 Peter Yovu haiku 1

Haiku by Peter Yovu (USA). Artwork by myself.
Actually, as you can see, the painting is by some master in Europe. I know it is a famous painting, but I forgot the painter's name. I think some Flemish painter.

I used a part of the painting, manipulated digitally one arm of the lady so it looks as if she is waving to someone. I do not think she is pregnant, just holding her skirt, but she does look like pregnant, doesn't she?

My mother who bore 12 kids, of whom I am No.2, had in the end big belly and when twins were in her, she used to put both arms on her plump belly and swaggered in the house. Two years later she bore another twins.


Gwil W said...

. . . by chance I have today same theme different angle


The Arnolfini Marriage by the Nederlanndish painter JAN van EYCK 1434

kuni_san said...

Yes, Jan van Eyck. Thanks.