December 25, 2011

Haiga 720 Snowman haiku 6

Haiku and artwork by myself.
Ever since I started the snowman haiga series, I am getting good response from people on the net. This prompted me to write my own snowman haiku.
In Japanese, snowman is Yuki-Daruma, and also from olden days, snowman is often called Yuki-botoke (snow-Buddha). Kobayashi Issa and other masters wrote haiku about Yuki-botoke.

even a child has made
a snow Buddha

One characteristic of Buddha's statue is ushnisha, the protruding thing on top of his head. So, in this haiku and haiga, I portrayed just that. Interestingly, ordinary snowman suddenly assume the aura of some sacred being.

And it is the Christmas time, hence this haiga below. This morning (already 25th here), my grand kids woke up to find what they wanted from Santa san.

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Jessica Tremblay said...

I loved reading about the history of snow-buddha. Your commentaries are always so interesting.