January 6, 2012

Haiga 731 Snowman haiku 16

Haiku by Steve Wing (USA) & Dorothee Lang (Germany). Artwork by myself.
As a haiku, this one may need a little more pondering, but I wanted to use the photo of this famous guy in Aloha shirts so here it is, him singing some snowman song.

I lived many years in Hawaii. There were Santas at local shopping malls, and plastic snowmen that glowed from inside and elaborate illuminations on the front lawn of some residential homes. We had fun cruising around such places. I know how people in warm climate feel about winter season and anything else that associated with it. I thought back then that the main thing was to feel jolly when the season comes. Better yet if you had someone sitting by you while cruising. The temp, I guess, does not really matter.
I plan on doing a series of haiga about child, children, kids. Haiku submissions are welcome.

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