January 14, 2012

Haiga 739 Children haiku 8

Haiku by Andre Duhaime (Canada). Artwork by myself.
Andre san is active in haiku scene in French. This haiku here is his English work. Very nice haiku, indeed. The repetition of "hello" is so effective in conveying the inherent nature of the young.
Only three days absence accumulates many papers on my office desk. I had to stamp my hanko (Instead of signature, we use hanko, a name stamp, for approvals) many times before I was able to check my email, and do browsing. Other than business thing, we use hanko for artworks, too.
A literary magazine called "Jelly Bucket 2012" has been published. Eight of my haiga are included in it in color. These haiga include haiku written by those affected by 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. I am now waiting for the magazine to arrive.

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