January 18, 2012

Haiga 743 Children haiku 12

Haiku by Tzetzka Ilieva. Artwork by myself.
Tzetzka san sent to me a few haiku about chiidren. One of them became haiga.
I am not sure which martial arts this haiku is about. Judo is familiar with me so I drew a boy with a Judo uniform and belt.

My uncle is a Judo man, he led Tenri Highschool Judo team and won national championship once. Tenri, my town, is well known internationally as a mecca of Judo. Athlete like Tadahiro Nomura, four time Olympic gold medalist, is from Tenri. Many children take up Judo lesson here and their objective is always to attain the black belt.

The sense of accomplishment, however small it is, like to tie the belt, is important for children: one thing leads to another, and they grow little by little to be a sound beings.

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