January 20, 2012

Haiga 745 Children Tanka 14

Tanka by David Caruso. Artwork by myself.
David san sent me haiku and tanka about children. I thought it might be interesting to pick a tanka for a change, and made this haiga, or tanka-ga.

I have done some artwork for tanka before, namely one of Saigyo. Tanka can convey poetic content with more words than haiku. Often times, tanka is self-sufficient, words can tell everything. To add artwork to such poem is a rather challenging thing.
One of my haiga ebooks "Narrow Road to the Deep North" has been accepted by a digital art contest. Just a notification email of acceptance for now.
This ebook is in PDF format, it includes 52 haiga, plus English and Japanese text of the Basho's famous travel journal.

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Gwil W said...

Good luck in the contest!