January 22, 2012

Haiga 747 Children Haiku 16

Haiku by Alenka Zorman (Slovenia). Artwork by myself.
Here is another exaggerated artwork, like in haiga 740. In this case, I did not receive any question from Alenka san. She understands.
Last evening, I attended a dinner party of an art show group. The oldest member is a 85-year-old painter, who sat next to me. He wanted to discuss the realism, which we did. We agreed on a point that things would look more real when handled with some deliberate manipulation. Just to depict what you see is often not enough.
Today is the last day of my haiga show in Osaka. I go to the site in the late afternoon to pack up. Despite the rainy days, the show is having good numbers of visitors.
I am thinking of posting haiga on the theme of "toy". I think it is the natural move from "children". Haiku about toys are welcome now.


Gillena Cox said...

this is absolutely fabulous

much love...

Jessica said...

Beautiful. Love your artwork. And the lessons you give about haiga in your blog are absolutely priceless.