January 24, 2012

Haiga 749 -Toy Haiku 2

Haiku by H.F. Noyes (USA). Artwork by myself.
Noyes san is a psychiatrist, practiced in NYC, and then moved to Greece for retirement. With all the economic turmoil raging the country, I wonder how he is faring there.
This haiku captures a nice scene. Had I seen it myself, I would have taken photographs.
Speaking of children haiku, I forgot to mention about a haiku booklet called "A Dozen Tongues 2000", Children in Haiku from Around the World. It was printed in paper version by Red Moon Press. With permission from Jim Kacian, the editor, I converted it into PDF format so you can download it and enjoy on your PC or Mac.

I did illustration for its cover and inside pages. This project marks my first association with haiku. Shortly after the project, I began to make haiga and write my own haiku.

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really nice

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