January 28, 2012

Haiga 753 -Toy Haiku 6

Haiku by Dorothee Lang (Germany). Artwork by myself.
Dorothee san sent to me this verse the other day. I am not sure if its senryu or simply a statement, but I feel that there is a "cutting" between the second line and the third line, which make it more than a statement, closer to senryu. In any case, I let you blog visitors to decide.

This is a rather challenging senryu to visuallze. My solution, as you can see, is to employ abstract art forms. I think it came out rather nice.


Dorothee said...

wonderful, the abstract take! i think it works very well - and brings memories of childhood rooms, the floor scattered with colored toys.

Jessica said...

Love the colors, and abstract was the right choice. Really nice.

kuni_san said...

My challenge in haiga making is to find some image that has comfortable distance away from the content of the haiku so that each enlivens.