January 30, 2012

Haiga 755 -Toy Haiku 8

Haiku by Mark Brager. Artwork by myself.
Mark san sent to me a batch of haiku about toy. Two of them caught my eyes and this is one of them.
I always remembered the toy as "seesaw" because that is what we use in Japanese, too. "teeter-totter" is a new word to me. It is nice that I can learn new words through working with English haiku.

Japanese people like to say that Japanese language has many words that tells delicate states of the nature. As I read more and more of English haiku, I began to feel differently. English language has words that we do not have.


Mark E. Brager said...

Beautiful Kuni-san! I excited and honored to see you bring my haiku to life. Glad I could introduce you to a new word!

kuni_san said...

Yeah, give and take works fine here.