March 7, 2012

Haiga 786 - Rosalind Harris Haiku

Haiku by Rosalind Harris (USA). Artwork by myself.
Pardon me for a moment of break in water haiku series. This haiku here is more about wind than water, but it came to me just yesterday, from a person I knew in my college days more than 40 years ago. So I made a haiga and am showing it today.

Her email alone is a surprise and even more surprising is that she writes haiku along with the other poetry forms. She is a Ph.D, and teaches at University of Kentucky now. I googled her and found her univeristy faculty photo. After so many year, her healthy smile is still there, though no longer afro-haired.
I am off to Tokyo starting today. Will resume posting haiga on 11th or 12th of this month.

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