March 13, 2012

Haiga 789 - Water Haiku 25

Haiku by Rita Summer (USA). Artwork by myself.
Simple, simple, simple. That is what I alway tell myself when I make a haiga.
If you notice, I made the pages in such a way that it reminds of the shape of heart.
My wife suggested yesterday that we went visit Omizutori event at Todai-Ji Temple tonight. The event is also known as a fire festival, lasting for two weeks, and tonight will be finale with the biggest fire. I will bring along a camera with me so I might be able share some photos on this blog tomorrow. The place is dark. I am not sure if I can capture the scene. Just keep the fingers crossed.

At this time, I think I will switch to fire or light themed haiku and haiga from tomorrow on.


Peter Newton said...

love the simple
well done


kuni_san said...

That was a quick response. Thank you, Peter san.

mark said...

Like this. Pure. Referenced it on a facebook page and your blog. If it were by me the temptation to change "to" into "in" would of been too much. thank you.