March 28, 2012

Haiga 800 - Light Haiku 11

Haiku by paul.m (USA). Artwork by myself.

I kind of like the play of light and shadow. It has always been one of my favorite subject. It probably started with a painting I did in the final year of college. It was all about light and shadow, a sunlit old building wall with slanting fire escape shadows. The painting was titled "Hawaiian Cityscape" and is a permanent collection at a Honolulu art museum. I posted it on this blog sometime, but I cannot located it. Too many postings on my blog.


Dorothee said...

Dear Kuni, here is the link to it:


kuni_san said...

Wow, thanks, Dorothee san.

Jessica said...

Really impressive. You can almost see and fell the light moving in this illustration.

kuni_san said...

Shadows remind me of lights, and lights reveal wonderful world of colors.