April 7, 2012

Beginning of spring

Though chilly days linger, signs of spring are beginning to appear.
Sakura flowers are abundant in my town. There are the early-blooming types to the late ones. Shapes and colors of the flowers differ, too. This sakura in the photo is one of the early ones, it always opens first in the season.

April is the beginning of a new school year. My grandson became the first grader. He is among the classmates here in the photo. His class is 65% boys, and 35% girls. There will probably a lot of competing among boys.


Jessica said...

Enjoy the early sakuras. My city of Vancouver has been very fortunate to receive gifts of cherry blossoms from Japan. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival started yesterday and will last through April. We even have varieties of cherry blossoms flowering until mid-may. Have a wonderful spring.

Gwil W said...

I wish the children of Japan much luck and good health in these times. They will need it. Global 2000 reports that Fukushima is 168 times worse than the Hiroshima bomb so far as radiation released into the atmosphere is concerned. There will be some disclosures in Austria on 16th April.

kuni_san said...

Thanks for the comments, both of you.
Today is a lot warmer, flowers suddenly everywhere now. There are uncertainties in Japan now, but the nature repeats itself with no hesitation, and I think that is encouraging.