April 23, 2012

Haiga 811 - John Sandbach haiku

Haiku by John Sandbach (USA). Artwork by Kuniharu Shimizu.

Today's paper had an article about a soccer ball that had traveled from the tsunami struck disaster area of Japan to US coast. The tsunami happened over a year ago, so the ball drifted on water for that period to reach the other side of the ocean.

The owner of the ball, a high school boy, is so happy to hear the news for he loves soccer and the ball is like his treasure. The man who found the ball on the beach has a Japanese wife, who was able to identify the Japanese kanji letter scribbled on the ball. Lucky coincidence.

So, the water did carry something and left it in the good hands


humbird said...
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humbird said...

So remarkable story about connection between people and things! Thanks Kuni_san for sharing!

kuni_san said...

Thanks, humbird-san.
The nature gets fearful at times but is kind most of the time.