May 2, 2012

Haiga 816 - Linda Robeck haiku

Haiku by Linda Robeck (USA). Artwork by myself.

Trees are all covered with fresh green leaves now. From my office window, which extends from floor to ceiling, I enjoy the various shapes and shades of greenery, spotted by flower pots of yellow, pink, orange blossoms.
Spring, which opened with fanfare of sakura flowers, has settled down to calm, and everyday state. I like this kind of spring.

My office is managing a newly constructed outdoor stage nearby. The musical performances of various types are scheduled every sundays and holidays during the lunch time hour. Tomorrow is the first performance. It will be a high school marching band. It will make a nice spring holiday for sure.

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Alan Summers said...

Good to see a haiku, with art from Kuniharu, from a former haijinx editor and fellow Seven Samurai renku team colleague!