May 16, 2012

Haiga 823 - Mirsad Denjo haiku

Haiku by Mirsad Denjo (Bosnia). Artwork by myself.

I first saw Denjo-san on a TV screen. He appeared as one of the Balkan haijins on a NHK(Japan's national broadcasting station) special program on haiku scene in the area. I found his haiku on the web and made some haiga. In the program many more haijins were introduced, and I later came to know many of them, including Vladimir Devide and Visnja McMaster.

Whatever the reason, it is nice to believe in future. I believe so, too. If there were good reason to start this world at the time of creation, then something good would result. That is how the system of causation works.

The system of causation, which is sometimes called karma, is quite simple, just the equation of cause and effect. There are book-ful of explanation about it in some religion, but basically it comes down to the simple equation, and it applies to what we do everyday to how this universe functions.

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