May 25, 2012

Haiga 829 - Rod Willmort haiku

Haiku by Rod Willmort. Artwork by myself.

Another sound haiga.
When I began taking art courses at U of Hawaii, one of the exercises we did was the contour drawing. You look at the subject and move your pencil as your eyes trace its contour. You can look at your paper only once or twice in the whole process.

This was a difficult task in the beginning because you always worry how your pencil is doing on the paper. You worry about how the subject look on paper because you are concerned with how real the subject is portrayed on paper.

Interesting thing is that the contour drawing always results in slightly off balanced shape but somehow it looks more real than the drawing you do with eyes on the paper. For this haiga, I made a crumple of paper, and did the contour drawing.


Jinksy said...

I think that result is beautiful...

kuni_san said...

Thanks. I hope you can hear the small noise.