May 27, 2012

Haiga 831 - Alexis Rotella haiku

Haiku by Alexis Rotella. Artwork by myself.

Good season for a barbecue evening.
May is probably the best season for picnic and things like barbecue here in Japan. Not too hot, not too chilly, not to humid. And mosquitos are not quite around yet.

I took my family to a meat-eating evening at a local restaurant yesterday. Grand kids are growing and thus eating a lot. My son, however, consumed most. I enjoyed watching family members having good time.

Recently, I read two ebooks, "Accidental Tourist" by Anne Tyler, and "Good Father" by Hoah Hawley. Both stories revolve around a son, one killed and one killed someone (a presidencial candidate!). Then I heard an actual news of a young man's death. Something to think about.

For a while, I did illustrations for a young mothers' magazine. I used the same style of illustration for this haiga.

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