May 29, 2012

Haiga 833 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku

Haiku by myself. Photo by Francis Haar.

Francis-san was a famous photographer. His son, Tom, is my friend. Tom will have a photo exhibition soon in Japan. He had sent to me the flyer of the exhibition before, in which I found this b&w photograph taken by Francis-san sometime in 1940s, probably during the WW2, when his family evacuated to Karuizawa from Tokyo. I added my haiku in it.

I wrote a couple of articles about Francis and Tom somewhere in this blog, but I cannot find them. I just want to say that the late Mr & Mrs. Haar were such nice souls, and their son Tom, whom I met in NYC back in 1972, is just the same.

Here is a part of flyer I received.

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