June 2, 2012

Haiga 836 - Kuniharu Shimizu words

Words and artwork by myself.

Just as each one of us was born from a mother and a father, it is natural to assume that the original child was born between the original father and mother many many years ago. There are stories about it in many parts of the world. Stories varies, but the common point is that the original parents exist.

Who, then, created the original parents? It is natural again to assume that there is the Parent who created the original parents.
No parents wish the siblings to fight each other, but rather to live together well. So, it is safe to assume that the Parent shares the same sentiment. Living together well must be the very reason the Parent has given birth to us. The Parent has giving life not just to us, but also to this natural world we live in. A great Parent, indeed.

It is interesting that when you use the word "parent", you do not need to use the word "god", which often creates more confusion than understanding.


Peter Newton said...


I just think your "words" series of haiga are great. Striking for their continuous lines of color that spark a continuous line of thought in me meandering around the page gathering gathering ideas like being in a field of flowers or an open-air fruit market. What a whimsical nature. And those fish just off-shore . . .They make me feel alive. Just wanted to let you know.


kuni_san said...

Peter-san: your comments are very encouraging to me, who is doing this series as an experiment. Thanks a lot