June 6, 2012

Haiga 839 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku

Haiku and artwork by myself.

I have been useing this image in various places, like as the background of my twitter site, and as facebook top. It also is a large artwork originally. Some elements in it are from some haiga I had made before. I added a haiku of mine to it.

I will be out of town soon, and will not be able to post new blog for a while. I might be able to post just a few word of haiku if I am lucky to get access to the internet, which I am not sure if there will be one.

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Rudolph Aspirant said...

How funny ! Just earlier today I was thinking about the story of the Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson, (original title: Nils Holgersson's Wondrous Journey Across Sweden), by Swedish Nobel laureate writer Selma Lagerlof, in which a little boy rides on the back of a flying goose, and although the illustration you posted shows flying seagulls and hats rather than gees, its color and fantastic style associated with the lighthearted optimistic and sincere trust filled words of your haiku nevertheless quite accurately captured my mood of today ! I wish you a nice summer ! I always feel great after visiting your blog !