June 27, 2012

Haiga 850 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku (senryu)

Haiku (senryu) by myself. Artworks by Edward Hopper.

Spain haiga series coninues, but let's have a little break.

Last night, I made some comments and wrote haiku for the posting made by Alexis Rotellla. She posted one of Edward Hopper's painting called "Automat"(one on the left side). I wrote two haiku inspired by the painting. Then a thought came this morning that other Hopper's paintings could be used to make a haiga which kind of tells a story. This is a new possibility for haiga. It could be called "haiga story board".

The other day, I chanced to see a Hopper show, a pretty large one at that. From the exhibition, I found for the first time that he had been an illustrator before being regarded as a painter of fine art. I then realized why he had painted so many scenes that connote some human story. So, poem, prose, haiku, all these can naturally be extracted from his works.


Alan Summers said...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful.


kuni_san said...

Thanks, Alan-san. This haiga was a challege

Tamlin said...

Notice his use of white rectangular planes?
It is almost abstract expressionist with straight lines
he places them in nearly every piece
it solves the color dillemma almost

little like white caps in mid ocean

- the alf

aka glenn schaefer