July 16, 2012

Haiga 864 - Alexis Rotella haiku

Haiku by Alexis Rotella. Artwork by myself.

Thank you all for contributing fine poems for this artwork. All of you are so quick to catch on my suggestion about haiga, that is, haiku has a story and artwork does another, and together produce yet new story. All the poems contain nice stories but among them, I have picked Alexis's one, for I thought it was most dramatic.

Inspired by this haiga, a shot story is already forming in my mind. A boy will be a protagonist, maybe a little younger than the girl in the artwork. The girl is not aware of the beauty she inherently possess, and the boy is charmed by her beauty but does not know how to term the feeling that has been fermenting in his heart. The dove could be the embodiment of the boy's feeling....

Haiku is exciting because it provides the poetic core for the subsequent creative activities, Renku, longer poem, haibun, novel, artwork, and maybe music. That was how haiku was enjoyed in the olden days in Japan. The DNA still continues today, this time in the world scale.

Ezra Pound seems to have come to the similar understanding (Poetic content of haiku as the core of creative activities) by himself, through his experience in the Metro.

I changed the color of the background and the bricks a little to give a little more contract. I also worked on the hands, too. These are small changes, but when the verse is added to the artwork, such changes often become necessary for the verse and the artwork are now interacting.

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