July 12, 2012

Something for a change 3

Artwork by myself.

Another chance of haiga collaboration. You are welcome to contribute haiku, senryu, wake, or whatever that comes to your mind.

One of my favored Japanese musical instrument is the bamboo flute. Here in this artwork too, I have included the flute. There are many types of bamboo flutes, and the most sophisticated one is called Ryuteki, which is used for Gagaku music. I used to play the instrument with a Gagaku emsemble. We used to play outside, under the light of the moon. That was gorgeous moments, indeed.


Christine L. Villa said...

bamboo music
our little voices
in the moonlight shadows

awalkinmyheart said...

a familiar song
drifts into the night
and the full moon


Rita Odeh said...

forest tranquility-
flute tunes drift into
the full moon

I think that this version is better.

Peter Newton said...

clouds across the moon
another song
from the bamboo

t.treloar-rhodes said...

moon-chant, even Scarecrow joins in

Rita Odeh said...

flute tunes
drift into the full moon...
forest tranquility

Ashi said...

bamboo ripple
bridge to the Moon
a flutes note

Gwil W said...

I see my father
by the river
he whittles a flute

lea199 said...

silence of the night
rustling in the bamboo
moon playing hide and seek

sorry, my English is very poor

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for the contributions. I cannot really decide which one to choose. I shall leave the artwork for a while.

Here is my own:
our secret whisper...
distant bamboo song

Kent said...

our song forgotten
but for leaves