August 31, 2012

Another artwork with haibun

Artwork by myself.

I was in Tokyo the other day. I stayed overnight and on the next morning, I left the lodging in a good mood, my body felt kind of light, too, so instead of taking the subway, I started walking on the ground. My usual lodging is near the British Embassy, which is surrounded by high stone walls. I walked along the wall, trying to stay in the tree shades. It was around 9 o'clock and the sun was already heating up. I headed to the general direction of Tokyo Train station.

I had no intention of walking all the way to the station, which is about 6km away. There are entrances to the subway stations of numerous lines along the way so I can always quit the walk and take the subway. I kept walking, passed the Diet, and Prime Minister's residence. This was where anti-nuclear power plant demonstrations had taken place recently. Tall buildings of JP government, new and old, everywhere. Expensive black cars passed by. On the sidewalks are men with white shirts and black pants, crisp as Origami, busily walking by. I, in jeans and polo shirts with small backpack, stood out rather uncomfortably. I walked for about 40 minutes and then I came to the edge of Hibiya Koen Park. The abundance of greenery was a welcome sight after a long city walk.

The park was kept very clean. A lot of cool shades and nice breeze was blowing. I bought a cold drink and took a seat at a bench. A gaijin lady jogged by, talking to cell phone. On the nearby bench was a homeless man quietly enjoying a short cigarrett butt. A nice pond rimmed with red flowers. The water surface rippled a little, deforming the reflection of white clouds. The whole scene reminded me of the Central Park in NYC. Later, the impression materialized in the artwork above.

Weekdays park -
a homeless and I contemplating
the waning summer

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