August 19, 2012

Haiga 878 - Saki Inui haiku 2

Haiku by Saki Inui (Japan). Artwork and English translation by myself.

At first, I tried to draw rape flowers and sky with crayon, just like I did in the previous haiga. While doing the drawing, I had a feeling that I was not doing the right thing. In the end, the drawing did not come out the way I wanted. I have had many similar experience. Once again, I was reminded by the fact that feeling or intuition was very important in making artwork.


I had a guest yesterday, a Korean physicist, a long time friend of mine. I posted about our haiga collaboration before. He is in Nagoya for the summer attending the OPERA Project, something about fundamental particle physics. We chatted about the universe, space, god, and Korean movie stars who are getting enormous attention in Japan recently.

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