August 13, 2012

Just another artwork 1

Artwork by myself.

I write haiku, haibun, and stories, but basically I am a visual artist, making artwork is my thing. For a while now, I am not in the mood to write, maybe because of the hot and muggy air (After four hard days in sub-tropical Tokyo, my brain is like a melted ice cream now), but still, I have this urge to do something creative. I often get into such a mood. In that case, I turn to making artwork. I happened to see a photograph of a high diver in Olympic website. Based on the photo, I drew a lot: worked on facial expression, adjusted arms and hand, simplified the whole shape, and finally made this artwork.

The artwork is just an artowrk, not intended for inspiring haiku or senryu, but if you do, you are welcome to contribute.

1 comment:

westernqueensland said...

It is funny I also Write haiku according to what I've seen in a day.
I like your skills as a visual artist and writer. thanks