August 3, 2012

Haiga 872 - Jane Reichhold haiku

Haiku by Jane Reichhold. Artwork by myself.

Hawaii, my second home, is always on my mind, but especially so when the sun is high up, coloring the sea and sky blue, illuminating greenery, tanning my skin.

Jane Reichhold has contributed a fine haiku for this artwork. Indeed there are many birds here, an actual bird and flowers named bird of paradise.
To accomodate the haiku into the artwork necessitates a few changes in it. I removed a fern so the verse can rest comfortably, made it easier to read. I made the verse 70% transparent so it fits nicely to the artwork (100% white would stand out too much, making the other light areas of the artwork obscure). I also removed a tear drop from the fish's eye because it does not seem fitting for the mood of the haiku.


Jane Reichhold said...

filled with air
fly into it

Jane Reichhold

Just found your new (to me) site and enjoying seeing your artwork again and especially your haibun.

kuni_san said...

Long time no see, Jane-san. Glad you have found my blog, and to have your haiku on it. Have a nice summer.